Yesterday in a nutshell

by - March 03, 2017

Basically this is a breakdown on my day ---> THURSDAY 2ND MARCH

I woke up at 6am and started to get my self ready to leave for 8am for Middleton Grange Shopping Centre. I thought I would treat myself to breakfast or well in my case a scone/diet coke because I had breakfast before I left. Sssh no one needs to know that though.

Every time I go the little coffee shop upstairs in the town, I always take a magazine, attempt to get the back table, read and take a couple of photos. Who wouldn't take photos when sat alone in a full coffee shop at 9am in the morning.

After I spent an hour reading the magazine, eating scones, taking my photos, I decided to vlog my trip around the town and over to KFC to meet my sister. 

My phone was on 5%, my battery pack ran out of charge, I could tell this is where the day would slowly go downhill from here. I also lost my charger cable along the way. So I thought first stop would be to buy a new lead and then head to the ee store to charge my phone. Turns out there was no room to charge my phone at this time. So off I go to try and find a charger head/plug. I ended up buying one out of poundland, which I'm not going to lie it has worked smashingly. Wandered aimlessly for an hour now looking for a plug socket in the town, giving up I decided to head to the train station. Even thought I wasn't boarding a train or waiting for anyone. I asked the lovely lady behind the desk if there was a plug, I could plug my charger into and voila there was one. I was happily sat on the floor in an empty train station waiting for my phone to charge to a decent amount whilst I read a London Attraction brochure. 

Headed to kfc - ate an endless amount of popcorn chicken washed down with a bottle of diet pepsi. Oh happy days. Of to the shoot we go...

My blog, YouTube and Instagram have all had a makeover so I needed photos that fitted in with my new theme and style of what I was going for. I do this every so often, when my style changes. I change all of my social media platforms to fit my current style. Seeing as though for a while now I have been taking photos and writing blog posts that fitted with my theme/style but I didn't post any, as I wanted to reveal it in March. Seeing as though we are in March now I can do that.

I had a couple of photos on m phone that I had for inspiration to show Sammi, so she knew the type of photo I wanted taken. I take a lot of inspiration from Song of Style, Chriselle Lim, Camilla Coehlo. I always have done when it comes to fashion, they are interested in the same fashion style I have always been in to. Which I love.

Want to see a sneak peak or two of the photos. I thought so.. Enjoy

I am now home and changed into my pyjamas, about to cook some chicken and pasta with salad. Ready for a night of showing you guys on my Instagram Stories on how to use the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask. It is by far my most favourite mask to wear, it is available from BootsUK for under £2. So its practically a bargain and you can do it once a week. So its most definitely worth a repeat buy. I wont tell you much more as I will reveal all tonight. Go follow my new instagram 'rebeccaldavies_' to be able to see my instagram story on this mask. I will be live at  7pm. Be sure to tune in for this.

Also tweet me any of your beauty questions and I will be sure to answer them tomorrow when I go live, my Twitter is @rebeccaldavies_


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