w7makeup Naughty Nine Palette Review

by - March 22, 2017

Hello, If you haven't already seen my review on YouTube of the Naughty Nine Palette by w7makeup. I will post it here for you too see --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTUo6UrFcpg

I decided I would write down my views on what I really think of the palettes and if they are worth the money. Even though they are below £6 per palette, some people may not think its actually worth spending the money. I am here to tell you, that you should go and purchase their palettes. I will continue to buy their palettes for as long as I am able.

The Naughty Nine palettes strike me as a dupe of the mac nine shadow palettes, they have the exact same look but with different colours and a different logo. With the huge difference being the price. I'm not saying don't buy the MAC products because that would be stupid of me. However if you are on a budget when it comes to buying makeup, I would suggest buying these as the perfect dupe.

Bangkok Nights

Bangkok nights is a very purple toned palette, ranging from mattes to shimmers in a vary of purple toned colours. You have your light pink shimmers to your deep purple mattes. The colours are very pigmented, as you can see on my review video on YouTube. As soon as you touch the shadow you can tell they are pigmented, the colours blend easy, they also work very well together in a sense of lights v darks.

I have swatched each of the colours for you, with each individual colour not having a name. The lightest near to my hand is number and the last next to my elbow is shade 9. My favourite out of the shades has to be shades 1, 3, 4, 7. I just think they are such pretty, girly, smoky eye glam colours. I have a fair skin tone, so this palette goes perfect with this.

If you would like to see a tutorial on how to use this palette please can you let me know and I will sort something out.

Arabian Nights

This palette is based on a nude/beige and brown concept. It ranges from a very light pink nude colour all the way to a shimmer deep brown. These are perfect for that night time glam, a very smoky outer corner of the eye or a shimmer cut crease.

All palettes in this range are highly pigmented, so I don't feel like I need to comment on that all the time. 

However here are the swatches I have from the palettes. Again the one next to my hand is number 1 and the one next to my elbow is number 9, I only really like number 2 and 7. I like the others also but on this particular palettes 2 and 7 stand out the most.

Hard Days Night

Hard Days Night is by far the most smoked palettes, the colours range from white to black with a couple of blue/greys and greys in between. This is a very work makeup palette, something subtle but also stand out ish. A lot of the colours in this palette would be perfect for nights out and events but only to use under the bottom lash line or above the top lash line as liner.

On this particular palette I love number 1, 4, 6, 8, 9. Just because for me personally I am all in favour of a dark smoked out eye look.

All w7makeup palettes can be found on their website, TJHughes, Savers, Boyes etc..

Arabian Nights, Mid Summer Nights, Hard Days Night, Bangkok Nights. All available online and in stores.

If you want to see a video tutorial on how to create a make up look using these, please comment below.


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