Avene Thermal Spring Water and its uses

by - March 20, 2017

Every one has heard of Avene. If you haven't then where have you been? It's one of my favourite brands for skincare items. Today though I'm just going to talk about the Avene Spring Water and the different uses it has.

This is a holy grail product for me and it goes everywhere with me in my handbag, suitcase you name the place and its with me. I have found over the past couple of years using the product that it has many uses. Which all work perfectly for me.

I should also put out there, that I didn't read the packaging properly and skipped over a few points. One of the points I skipped was what you can use the product for. Some for me are the same and some are not.

1. To use during hot summer days to cool off. Use it on your face and body, obviously not to close other that may be stupid but a good 10-15cm away from your skin. Just a nice mist over your skin in order to properly cool you down.

2. To set makeup or use to blend out makeup. I use it to set makeup if its a hot day and the sun is glaring at my face. I have a little bit of oily skin around my forehead and where my glasses rest on my face. So sometimes when the sun hits my face melts. Since I started to use this product however my makeup stays put and my face gets the protection it needs as well. To blend my makeup out, I normally spray a little bit onto my beauty blender in order to blend out foundation or cream contour.

3. If I have had to dry shave my legs. I never normally dry shave my legs but if I missed a spot and I am heading out to an event. I usely dry shave the area needed and then I spray the thermal spray over the top to stop the skin from being irritated. It just soothes the skin so you don't get any red marks on your skin.

4. If I've been to the gym and I've come out a sweaty mess. I use it to spray over my face and body to cool off. I used to sit in the locker room for about 30-45 minutes so I can cool off properly but now I spray it as soon as I have hit the locker room and bam 5 minutes later I can go out looking decent and not the mess I normally come out looking like.

5. Straight after the bath. I love a red hot bath at the end of the day, to have a nice pamper and relax. Once I get out however I have the steam coming from my skin and my skin is slightly hot. So too cool down before I have even dried my skin, I like to spray this and my skin becomes cooler ready for me to get dried. I realised before that my skin was still hot when I got out the bath and once I dried my skin was itchy. I never gave my skin the chance to cool off before I got myself sorted.

You can pick up the Avene Thermal Spring Water from BOOTSUK. The 50ml one I picked up for £2.50 and I cant quite remember how much or how big the larger one is because I always have the small one for convenience. This product quite rapidly became my most used product, I honestly use this every day and the day they discontinue this product I may cry. So please Avene never stop this product, I love it too much.

So if I were you I would head down to boots now in order to pick your self some up. Its a product every man and woman should have in their bag or bathroom.

Hope you have found my post useful and I hope you all head out and buy this product. Its worth your money.


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