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Hello, so I thought I would share with you all a beginners guide to highlight and contour. I am constantly being asked about the best way to highlight and contour, what products can I use, what are the best techniques to use. So I thought I would create a capsule guide for everyone to look at that can help them.



There are many products you can pick from cream contour palettes, powder contour palettes, liquid contours to pan sticks, matte/shimmer bronzers. To start with for any beginner I would always suggest using a powder in a lighter bronze colour. You also don't want to buy a really expensive product either, someone that you can purchase for under £5 that will work really well.


Flat kabuki, fan brush, angled contour brush, fluffy powder brush. When I first started I used an angled contour brush, its really helpful to use this type of brush so you can see what works best for your face shape. The brush is also angled, so you can see what parts of your face it can fit properly.

I start by using an angled contour brush and a very light matte bronzer. You don't want to use a shimmer one until you have mastered how to do contour.  Put both the brush and product in front of you and sit in front of the mirror. You need to be ale to map out your face, know what's what, what product you use were.

For contour I always say apply it from the centre of your ear in a diagonal line towards to end of your lips. When you actually apply it however I would stop the contour about an inch away from the corner of your lips. It just looks to heavy and not very flattering if it stops on the lip. You want to be able to creative dimension to your face.

Always build up the product on your face, practice makes perfect. Its harder to correct a mistake with contour if its powder, that is why I am saying build on it. Look in the mirror and find the best angle for you to see what you are doing but the light is perfectly balanced. Apply a small amount of product on your brush and go to the centre of your ear and slowly/lightly blend down towards to lip. Circular movements always work best for anything like this. You are evenly spreading the powder without it being messy. Then lightly apply another light layer of contour. One you are happy with the way it looks towards the lip, add another layer but only towards the hollow of your cheek bone and nothing else. It just gives you that slightly chiselled look with out it being to heavy or look unflattering.  

I also like to contour both my nose and jawline. To contour my nose, I simply take a small blending eyeshadow brush and a light amount of powder, I apply it to the outer edge of my nose from the inner brow line to the tip of my nose. I do this on both sides, I do this to create a thin effect for my nose. My jawline I contour because I really like the contoured / defined jaw line look, I use to same brush and lightly build up the shading and shape of my jaw. I make sure I bronze my neck with the same contour colour because it always looks silly if your face doesn't match your body. I always make sure its a healthy glow I have if I haven't tanned my skin.



For highlighters you can get a pan stick, liquid, cream, powder. You can get these in both matte/shimmery. I personally am a fan of the shimmery powders. I just think that they add a healthy glow to your skin, if you pick the right colour.


Kabuiki, fan, flat, fluffy powder brush. I personally would suggest using a fan brush.

Start by looking at the places on your face that would need highlighting, as everyone is different. For me its normally above my contour on my cheekbones, bridge of the nose, tip of the nose and cupids bow.

I always use a light gold shimmer highlight. I do really like MUACosmetics, their powder highlights are to die for and there are many different shades to choose from now. Mine is Iridescent Gold, so pigmented, super pretty and a real bargain.

I use the fan brush, at a light amount to the brush and I sweep it across my cheek bone just close to the contour I had just applied. I also sweep it down the bridge of my nose between the contour we had previously done. The tip of my nose because that makes it a little more prominent. I also apply it to the cupid bows, not to much but enough to create dimension and so that it stands out.

Where to buy from:

Brushes & Bronzers - w7makeup

Brushes - Primark

Brushes & Bronzers - Poundland

Highlighters - MUACosmetics

All products above are all under £5 and they are all contour brushes and matte bronzers or contour palettes.

Face Charts:

I have showcased a few images of face charts where I have drawn out where to highlight and to contour, to make it slightly more easy to follow.
Face chart for highlight and contour

I will also be creating a YouTube video to properly explain this and show you what to do.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this and it has thoroughly helped you.

Comment below any questions you may have or if there is anything you would like me to cover in another how to guide.


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