BUTTER ME UP - Candy Cane & Winter Spice.

by - March 06, 2017

Every year around Christmas time Tesco bring out their Christmas gift sets. For the past two years I have been given the Butter Me Up Body Butter, Hand and Food Creams. They come in the smells of Candy Cane and Winter Spice. Now Winter Spice has been in my handbag for a while. The face that my hands and body can smell like winter all year round, yes please. 

The body butters come in two round tubs with a secure lid. The red is for Candy Cane and the blue for Winter Spice. The formula for both isn't to thick so its muddy but its not really thin and runny either. Its just the right balance for a lovely body butter/moisturiser for your skin. It leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and smelling like Christmas. 

Its the type of product that when people walk past you, they do the double take smell. Look back at someone and sniff, I do it all the time. If I can smell something do the double take smell. 

These products can only be found around Christmas time as they are Christmas scents, believe me I looked last year when I ran out. So this year I am fully stocked up on all products.

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