by - March 27, 2017

Do you know when your makeup runs out of date? Did you even know makeup had an expiry date? Well you do now.

I have been doing a lot of research on this subject recently and I thought you could benefit from my findings because its not nice to find your products have a funny smell or have all dried up. I will tell you when you should replace your products and how long products should technically last.

Did you know that most products have a Period After Opening symbol on the product. It normally looks like this;

This is your out of date sign 6M - 6 Months etc..

Micellar Water has an expiry of 6 months.
Toner has an expiry of 6m - 1 year. ( If you notice a change in odour or colour, then its time to bin )
Moisturiser has an expiry of 1 year
Concealer has an expiry of 1 year.
Foundation has an expiry of 1 year
Powder has an expiry of 2 years
Brow Pencil has an expiry of 2 years
Eyeshadows have an expiry of 6 months - 2 year. ( again keep an eye out for change in colour or a waxy build up on the outer corners)
Mascara has an expiry of 4-6 months.
Liquid Eyeliner has 6m - 1 year ( It will last the year if applied correctly)
Lipliner has an expiry of 1 year
LipStick has an expiry of 2 years
Nail Polish has an expiry of 2 years

So above are the main products and their expiry dates. Always remember to look out for the Period of Expiry sign on the back on the products and if they don't have one, simply look at my list above.

I hope this has helped you, as much as it helped me.

Enjoy, Love

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