by - March 07, 2017

I am obsessed with certain films at the moment, especially since I have been a little poorly. I have had movie/pamper nights in with movies and nice healthy food ( I switched to eating healthy on nights in, instead of junk food ). The films I am obsessed with are:

1. Breakfast at Tiffanys: If there is any film out there that can instantly make me feel better it is this one. I love Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard. They are just perfectly suited. The film is classic, elegant, humorous and is a true story of love through the ages. Instant pick me up.

2. White Christmas: This film is my favourite Christmas film but if I ever feel like a sing song movie is what I need. I put this on regardless of the season. I watched it last night and sang every word to every song. Its a classic, if you haven't seen I suggest you do, as I feel you are missing out on a true classic movie.

3. Life as we know it: What can I say about this film? Again its a true love story. Two people who just weren't meant to be, were put into a situation where they found them selves falling in love, creating a family. You get to see the emotion of each character fall in and out of love. You witness other characters witnessing a love that is meant to be. Very heart warming apart from the beginning where I cried.

4. Mean Girls: If you haven't seen this film then.. you are silly. What a brilliant film? It perfectly sums up school in many different ways. You get to see Cady transition into a typical American school when she was home schooled in Africa. From the plastics to the Janice and her crew. This show is full of laugh out loud moments you do not want to miss. 'AND NONE FOR GRETCHEN WEINER'

5. Coco Before Chanel: If I need motivation for work or if I feel like the work I am doing isn't good enough then this is the film I was. It shows someone coming from a terrible start in life all the way through her life of ups and downs to create the brand CHANEL. This film will give you the chills, motivation to get the best out of life, happiness. All the emotions come flooding out.

6. The Notebook: What more can I say other than 'The love story of Ali and Noah' One of the best love stories I will ever watch. Perfection.

7. One Day: This is a perfect film of two best friends falling in and out of love with each other for over 30 years. The film shows the day they met and on every specific day since that day to see where they are and what they are doing. With such a shocking twist ending to a perfect love story. Its a must see for everyone.

10. Love Actually: I adore this film. What more do you want than to have someone show up at your door tell you much they care for you using huge signs and music. Beautiful. You get to see the ups and downs of relationships whether its marriage, friendship, family. Its the perfect film to get a true insight in many different scenarios.

So these are my favourite films at the moment. I will update you if any thing changes.


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