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For me this brand has been something I have always loved. Its such an affordable brand on the high street that everyone can afford, its available in high street stores as well as online. I think I own over half of their whole makeup collection and a lot of their brushes. This is a brand which I will keep coming back to time and time again and here is why.

w7makeup has a price range that is affordable for everyone whether you are in school or if you are much older. There make up ranges from £1.99 to around £10. I haven't seen anything that is over £10. Their makeup brushes are the same they range from £1.99 to £10 for either a set or individual brush. However their new brush range of oval brushes are in a collection for around £25.00 but this is because you get the whole range in there and not just one. They are very new to the w7makeup family and I believe they are very much loved by customers as well. I am yet to buy and try them due to when I have a chance to go into town they are sold out and if I go online to get them they are too sold old. I have family and friends on the hunt for them for me as well.

All of the packaging for their products are either see through or they are a sleek gloss effect black. Each product however has a grip protection on the product so it isnt easily opened if dropped on the floor or if it pops open in a your makeup bag or even your handbag. No one wants to go to work and look in their bag to find their powder has developed an attachment to everything in your handbag. The products are easily labelled so you know 1. what it is, 2. what is in it, 3. an address in case you find anything wrong with the item. The products are so easily photograph able as well as you can clearly see what each product is and what it looks like on the inside.

Each product I own from the brand is so pigmented, it makes me shed a happy tear. You can test the product by using your index finger and applying it to the back of arm to show just how pigmented it actually is. That goes from lipstick, highlighter, eye shadows to foundations and concealers. They have a range of colours to match everyone's skin tone and if you don't have a foundation that matches you can simply buy the shade under the shade you would need, buy a powder that is your shade and just apply as normal but give yourself a more bronzed look using bronzers and highlighters. It will take away from the fact your foundation is slightly lighter than usual.

Easily applied:

Each product is easily applied by using your fingers, their range of makeup brushes and even their makeup sponges. They have a brush for everything to do with makeup that you could possibly need, they also sell makeup sponges in normal size for foundations and powders, they have a range of smaller mini sponges for under eye concealers.

Where it is available:
From my knowledge in the u.k you can purchase their products from TJHUGHES, BOYES, PEACOCKS and ONLINE.  If there is anywhere else I have missed please comment below and I will edit it, into the list here.

What type of products they sell:

Foundation, concealers, powders, bronzers, highlights, contour sticks, lipsticks, lipliners, eye liners, liquid products, eyelashes, palettes, eyeshadows, brushes, false lashes, nail products, brow products to primers. *I have just been on their website and they now sell 'Electric Face Cleansers' ! This looks amazing I will need to see if my local store has this as well. I have made a new list of products I need to purchase.

So there you have my in depth reason on why I am loving w7makeup.


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  1. Great post, it's nice to hear about budget brand make-up reviews. I love the expensive make-up brands, sadly I can't justify paying that kind of money at the moment. I keep eyeing up the eye shadows up in TJ Hughes for a fiver is even in my budget.

    1. Thank you Sarah, I adore the makeup in TJ Hughes it's one of my favourite places to purchase makeup. Especially since I am on a budget at the moment haha. xx