Washing makeup brushes

by - February 20, 2017

Hey, I thought that today I will talk about how I wash my makeup brushes. Its a love/hate relationship with my brushes but if its done its done.

I always use a bar of soap ( fragrance free ) Latex gloves ( I hate the water on my hands to much before they do that wrinkly thing ) The Tap and my brushes.

I would always start with the bigger brushes first, so I can get the horrid task out of the way. Then I move onto little ones.

I always first allow the tap to become luke warm water before I put the brush under to become wet. I then swirl the brush on the top of the soap until the product comes out of the brush. I then rinse it under the water and repeat those steps until the brush is clean. You will know this when no product comes out onto the soap.

Once they have been washed, I have makeup brush guards, that surround the brush head to keep the bristles in shape whilst drying.  I then individually place each brush on the towel to dry over night.

Products that are good to use a makeup brush washer;

Johnsons baby shampoo

Frangrence free bar of soap ( any retailer)

Washing up liquid (any brand )

If I have ran out of my Ben Nye Quick Dry cleaner I tend to use any of the above. It works just aswell as normal cleaner.

Need any more help in the 'washing makeup brush deparment' Just let me know :)

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