Cupcake anyone?

by - February 22, 2017

So I baked yesterday.. Not going to lie, my baking skills are not the best. They're okay but not good. So instead of me buying everything separately, I decided to buy a box one where you add the milk and the egg, give it a whisk and bung it in the oven. Cant go wrong there..

I figure if I can at least crack this, I can slowly transition into making bigger and better things. Like whole cakes, I can eat all by myself..

So the cupcakes I made yesterday are chocolate, all chocolate. They had chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles. I thought they would be way to sickly but no they went down a treat.

I may have messed the frosting up on the first batch of cakes but its fine, no one was home so I quickly ate all the evidence. The second batch however where unreal. My parents loved them, my siblings loved them. Fair to say I'm glad I saved a few, as the rest where gone in the space on 3 minutes.

I have a photo to show you, how good they looked. Unfortunately you have to just take my word for good they tasted.

I shall leave you with this photo to prove my baking skills hahah


p.s I told you! *Drooling over photo*

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