Sanctuary Spa Favourites

by - February 18, 2017

So if you have seen over on my Instagram, I am a big fan of Sanctuary Spa especially their 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask and the Night Concentrate Cream.

I use the Night Concentrate Cream every night, it has become my favourite night cream. If they ever discontinue it, I would probably cry. The cream is gorgeous on my skin, fully moisturises my skin during the night, softens and brightens my skin as well. I use it on my face and my neck. I've heard some people say don't use it on your neck but I think of the neck like when you apply foundation. You do not leave out the neck, its just weird and you end up with a foundation line and no one wants that.

You can get Sanctaury Spa products from BootsUK or TJHughes. I picked mine up from TJHughes as it was on sale in there. I paid around £4/5 for the product and I dont regret it at all.

The 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask is a muddy charcoal mask that you can apply with fingers or with a brush all over your face and neck. I always fully remove all makeup and make sure my face is still a little damp, so I lightly pat it dry after washing it. I find that the mask works best this way. Obviously avoid contact with your eyes, that's dangerous.

Not going to lie I wasnt sure what I was to expect when I first applied this product ( even thought in capital letters it says thermal on the front) which means warm. The product warms and cools on the face in the space of 5 mins and I crap myself when it first became warm to the skin, which is almost immediately. Use a flannel to wash off your skin, towel pat dry the face and neck afterwards.

I use this product twice a week. Once on a Monday and once on a Friday. I normally have nights in over the weekend, as I am not the biggest fan of nights out. So its a face mask, junk food and movie or work night. I know youre all thinking.. Becca how boring are you? Well yes I know that.

I may do an Insta Stories about them both over on Instagram. So go check out.. @rebecca.lou.davies on instagram to see that...


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