How I cleared up my blemishes..

by - February 19, 2017

So I have been asked a few times recently how I get my skin so clear. 

Well I went through a time of were my skin was super oily, spotty and I didn't know why. I had tried every product out there that claimed to help clear my skin. Nothing worked. 

I stopped wearing makeup as much and if I had to wear it, it would be a thin amount and I would make sure I have taken it off fully at night or when I get in straight away. The spots still remained. 

I decided enough is enough and I needed to look into what can cause you to get spots/blemishes etc. It came up with things like are you eating and drinking healthy, do you exercise, what makeup do you use, what is your skincare routine. The more I looked into it, the more I decided to change what I eat, drink, the products I use, how I apply makeup, my skincare routine. 

I started with my food and drink intake. I was drinking so much dairy and fizzy pop it was a joke how much. So I cut down. I drank so much water and I drank milk if it was in a cup of tea or in porridge. I barely drink pop. I started with this to see if this would improve my skin. I wont lie it helped a little but it also made me feel more energetic and awake. 

I then moved onto food and I know I ate to much of the wrong foods. I started to swap heavy unhealthy meals for salads, chicken and rice. I started having snacks of fruit and yoghurts. Which dramatically improved my skin, my energy levels. I had never felt better.

My skincare routine, I think is the thing that changed the most. Instead of using baby wipes or makeup wipes ( as they were harsh on my face) I used makeup remover or micellar water is what I use now with cotton pads. I use that to remove my makeup and then I used Sanctuary Spa Night Concentrate Cream on my face and neck before I go to sleep. It helps moisturise my skin during the night. Once I wake up on a morning I wash my face using water and I use a simple foam face wash to wake my skin up/ remove any product used from the night before. I then pat dry my face and then I apply a Garnier Moisture Bomb Moisturising Day Cream. 

Ready to apply makeup. I use an spf foundation, similar to a bb cream now on my face. Spf helps in sunlight but the bb cream covers any blemishes and its thin/full coverage so I don't look like I caked my face in makeup. All my makeup after this is applied in thin layers. Not only does that help my skin but it also stays put all day and doesn't melt from sun light.

Spot remedies for during the day if you are at home. I always use a 4 hour spot treatment cream or if I have none of that left in the house I use toothpaste. Yes you read that right! Toothpaste. Just a little dab on that over the spot for around an hour and it will the redness out and calm the tender area.

I know what I have said could feel like a mouth full and it may not work for you but its what helped me and if it helps you then I will feel happy. 

Any questions on how to clear spots or whats the best way to do it. Just comment or tweet me. I will answer any questions regarding this post.


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