My embarrassing moments - Makeup artist

by - February 22, 2017

Basically I am going to share some of my most embarrassing moments of when I first became a makeup artist.

Story time;

I was asked to go to a local university for a Y3 Graduate Fashion Magazine Launch and there would be a catwalk show. I was originally told there is only 6 people to do makeup for and you will have enough time to do it all before the show starts.  I thought aw perfect, so I dropped my stuff and went for a hot chocolate. What a major mistake I made. Let me tell you.
I went off what I was told about the job, so I packed accordingly for that. I didn't realise there would be more people, less time than originally told, I was in a terrible spot for lighting and space and I was on my own. I only prepped for me being there, instead of finding an assistant to go to the job with me. So I had to lay everything out in accordance to when I would need it. So I would have to rush around like a headless chicken. Even though that is exactly what I did because I was under pressure, I obviously began to panic. I was doing peoples makeup 2 seconds before they took to the stage. I was stood backstage with eyelash glue lathered on my hand and I had eyelashes stuck to it, ready to attach to the eyes. I think after this night I definitely went home and had that huge glass of rose. What a stressful night. Not to mention I tripped over the chair next to my work station, luckily no one saw because I tried to mask it well. The bruise on my leg was glorious for a couple of weeks after.

This experience showed me to be more prepared and definitely bring more than one person to do makeup for events like this. Like I sad it was one of my first shows I had done like this.

Story time take 2;

I was asked on my first house call for a girls 18th birthday makeup and boy was that scary. I had only ever done studio work up until this point. I was that scared, I got my friend to come with me. We rocked up to the house to find out it was practically a mansion with gorgeous exterior as well as the interior. I rocked up in a pair of ripped jeans and converse with an oversized cardigan on. I looked swell. She wanted a very specific style makeup after changing it up the day before. ( Some thing I am now not the biggest fan of ). I didnt know what to say when I was in the house, she kept trying to talk to me and I stayed silent. * Hand on the head emoji. If they was one* I just didnt know how to respond because the house was stunning and they came from the best neighbourhood in town, I felt intimidated by her. Which now I realise was extremely stupid of me. I also fell over in her house. *Yes you will realise I am EXTREMELY clumsy* *like so bad * She helped me up and my friend just laughed at me and filmed it. If I can find the footage I will insert it in. If not that footage will stay with me forever as its sooooooo embarrassing.

Have you ever done that thing where you spill fake blood all over the carpet in your work and it looked like a crime seen? Well I have. I spent the next 3 hours with warm soapy water trying to clean all of it out. My hands were dyed red for about a week. Luckily the day I spilt the fake blood I was off after that. These things seem to only happen to me. No body else. Can someone give me some good luck please? It definitely looks like I need it. hahaha

I think that's enough embarrassment for one day. Ill do a part 2 of this in a video for YouTube. Just because why not ey?

Hope you laughed at this, as much as I laughed writing it.



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  1. Omg what good stories, its really interesting to hear about them from the perspective of a MUA! Hopefully they're not all like that - Maria |

    1. I have a lot more stories like these from when I started as a makeup artist but they are definitely some better ones haha. Thanks for reading :)