Glitter makeup madness..

by - February 20, 2017

Wearing glitter makeup for some people may be quite daunting, I've been there I get it I do..

However if you can get the right balance of glitter with the right balance of makeup. You're flying.

I've came up with a couple of individual looks for people to try, I'm also going write a step by step of each look. I wont do a step by step picture of each look. That could be a bit too much. Haha

1. Glitter as freckles..

No one should have to hide their freckles with makeup for anyone. You should embrace your natural beauty. I personally don't have freckles but I sometimes wonder what I would do if I had them. I would definitely have them on show and showcase them. For this edit though, I thought of glitter freckles.

* I used a thick circle individual glitter and I applied a couple of them across the apples of the cheeks to over the bridge of the nose.
* I then applied a tiny glitter in the same colour across the apples of the cheeks to over the nose. To add that extra shimmer.

2. Glitter eyelids..

I think glitter eyelids should be similar to when you glitter wine glasses with decoration. You apply a glitter glue ( makeup one obviously ) then you apply the glitter and then add a sealer. I have a makeup sealer spray, similar to a setting spray that I apply over the eyes once completed.

If you're going to have glitter eyes you need to at least do it right. Right?

* Apply your base shadow colour.
* Apply your glitter gel/glue over the lid. In whichever shape you want.
* Apply glitter. ( Leave to dry for a minute with your eye closed. Just so it doesn't crease)
* Apply the sealer spray ( Leave dry for a minute with your eyes closed.)

3. Glittery Lips..

Now I know people frown upon this. 'How can you wear glitter lips in the day?' ' It should be used only for photoshoots.' Well let me tell you.. This is something anyone and everyone can do.

* Choose a shade of glitter that you like.. My shade is silver/chrome.
* Apply lipstick underneath. I have gone for a matte red. ( Reason behind this as I want to leave a lip line effect around the outside of the lips. I also want to red to appear through the glitter.)
* Apply the glitter using either an angled brush or a tiny buffing brush.
* Spray with a makeup sealer to lock in.

Now I do hope you like the looks I have created for you here today. Dont be afraid to comment some more ideas of looks I can create for you all.

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